I’m reading

I love reading,  here are some of the things I’ve been reading:

I’m reading The Halfway House for my book club:


I’m re-reading More Luke Walker with breakfast, it starts my day off great, funny stories about a boy on a mission.


And I’m reading The Night Gardener because it was recommended to me by a friend.  I’ve barely started this one, but apparently it’s a good read.


Next I think I will read these books:


Because spine chillers are great.   And I don’t really know what the jellyfish is about, but the picture on the front is luminous.


I hope you all are reading great things too.  Let me know what you’re reading, and if you’ve read these!  I’d love to hear what you think.  Please like and comment.

4 thoughts on “I’m reading

  1. I like your post. I couldn’t get into Halfway House, it’s too grim and realistic for me.
    More Luke Walker: animal stick up forer, is one of my favourite books 🙂 I love all the characters, especially the teachers and other grown-ups.
    Who is your favourite character?
    I’ve read The thing about Jellyfish, it’s about death and grief. It’s good, a bit sad. I can see why you’re switching back and forth between Luke Walker and those others! 😉

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